GOTS certificate. Natural fibres of organic agriculture, textile fabrics produced in a safe environment

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an internationally recognized label for the production of textiles and clothing made from organic fibres. The GOTS standard sets down severe environmental requirements at all processing stages: from organic cotton cultivation to the ecological production of fabrics in the sewing workshops. In addition, all the manufacturer’s partners of the textile supply chain must demonstrate a sustainable environmental policy in order to get the manufacturer certified with the GOTS label.

The GOTS standard covers all processing stages in the textile supply chain:

  • Production of raw materials and fibres: BCF Confection has obtained the certification Organic Textiles. All the baby care products, clothing, and other textiles BCF Confection manufactures are 100% made of organic cotton. This means, for example, that all our fibres are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides.
  • From yarn to fabric: the GOTS certification guarantees you that all our fabrics and textile products do not contain toxic chemicals, and they are free of heavy metals and bleach. Chemicals necessary for the production, such as coloured dyes, are non-toxic and highly biodegradable.

BCF Confection was certified with the GOTS label for the sustainable production of all its textiles and clothing, from lingerie to baby and care products and children’s clothing. We provide you with ecologically produced garments and bedding textile. Bio textiles are skin-friendly for you and your children. At the same time, this way we are taking care of our own employees and the environment.

GOTS certificate