BCF Confection

Belgian textile manufacturer

BCF Confection: flexible orders in textile manufacturing, lingerie, corsets, shapewear, quick delivery

A soft bath cape for baby's sensitive skin, bath towels without puckered seams, comfortable shapewear that looks elegant ...

BCF Confection manufactures your textiles providing a superior finishing. In small order quantities with short delivery times.

BCF Confection is a family-owned company with over 60 years of experience and craftmanship in Belgian textile manufacturing and our own production unit in Tunisia.

BCF Confection's services

From shapewear to care products, fine lingerie or the softest baby sleeping bag … BCF Confection offers you several textile production possibilities to manufacture your fabrics, as commission work or as ready-made garment. You can order in small quantities from 20 pieces on, deliverable in 2 up to 4 weeks. This way you keep your inventory cost low still offering your customers a unique service.

Production of lingerie, corsets, shapewear

A perfect fit, support in all the right places, firm yet soft seams, great elasticity, comfortable to wear … These are some of the many criteria high-quality shapewear and lingerie has to fulfil. Seams must not come apart when moving your body, may not cut nor pucker during washing. Lace and embroidery should be soft to the touch. BCF Confection has a generation-long reputation of technical knowledge and experience on complex sewing techniques. In our specialized production unit in Tunisia, we manufacture high-standard lingerie and shapewear with a high-quality finishing. Read more ...

Production of personal care products, home textiles for bed and bath

A summer or winter sleeping bag, the softest baby bathrobes, baby bibs and box inlayers, towels and washcloths … The sensitive skin of babies and children requires the finest bed and bath fabrics that protect and care for them. Besides, the legal safety requirements for the production of baby and children’s clothing are among the strictest in textile manufacturing. From the mechanical safety of zippers and cords to the fire-retardant yarns in nightwear: the confection of baby's and children's textiles requires a specialized technical knowledge. BCF Confection has a generation-long reputation of technical knowledge and experience to manufacture high-standard baby's and children's textiles with an excellent finishing. Read more …

Production off children's clothing and never-out-of-stock textiles

Children's clothing is not just a smaller version of adult's clothing. The body proportions of babies, toddlers and children are totally different. Children’s skin is less hardened and more sensitive to all kinds of stimuli. Growing toddlers and infants need thorough protection and demand a lot from their clothing. The manufacturing of children's clothing requires therefore specific techniques. Moreover, children's clothing safety requirements are rightly extremely strict. BCF Confection has a generation-long reputation of technical knowledge and experience to manufacture high-standard baby's and children's textiles with a high-quality finishing. Read more ...

Various production possibilities


You provide BCF with raw materials and technical documents.

BCF cuts, confects and delivers.

You provide a sample to BCF.

BCF takes care of the raw materials and technical documents.

BCF confects and delivers.

About BCF Confection

Since its foundation in 1954, our Belgian family-owned company has passed on craftsmanship and expertise on textile manufacturing from one generation to the next. Now BCF Confection stands for over 60 years of high-standard textile manufacturing and fabrics with a superior finishing degree. Flexible order quantities and short delivery deadlines are our biggest assets.

Our commitment

Quality. We attach great importance to high-standard raw materials and a high-quality finishing. We use almost exclusively Coats yarns from Europe's leading industrial thread company providing high-quality yarns for every textile application.

Good working conditions. In our production unit in Tunisia, we work in the spirit of the Fair Wear foundation. We offer the best possible social working conditions to all our employees.

Environmetal awareness. In each step of the production process, we pay attention to the impact of textile manufacturing on the environment. All our raw materials have the OEKO-TEX® certificate.

Developed with the support of :

  • No large and expensive inventory but still an excellent service and quick delivery to your customers?
  • ​High-quality textiles that protect the sensitive skin and are made to last long?
  • Small orders that respond to your customers' wishes?

BCF Confection stands for experience, a long tradition and Belgian craftmanship in textile manufacturing.