Ready-made Garments

Ready-made garments (RMG)

BCF Confection also offers Ready-made Garments. In this process you draw a design, you determine the style and you make a sample. Based on the sample that you provide us, we get to work for you: our technical design office draws the patterns, analyzes the fabrics, calculates the production time and costs and draws up a road book for your product or collection. We purchase all raw materials from our own suppliers. Every decision is always taken in consultation with you and in accordance with your sample.

Advantages of RMG:

  • You remain in control of the creative process of design and style.
  • You will receive advice from us on the quality and choice of raw materials (fabrics, yarns, fasteners …)
  • You leave the practical organization (purchase of raw materials, technical documents) entirely to BCF Confection.
  • Small orders from 20 pieces on are possible.
  • Short delivery times: 4 weeks standard, 2 weeks for urgent orders.
  • Seasonal planning not necessary because we can schedule your order at short notice.