Manufacturing of lingerie, corsets, shapewear

Modern lingerie and shapewear supports, corrects and feels comfortable.

Production of lingerie, corsets, shapewear

A perfect fit, support in all the right places, firm yet soft seams, great elasticity, comfortable to wear … . These are just some of the many criteria high-quality shapewear and lingerie has to fulfil. Seams must not come apart when moving your body, may not cut nor pucker during washing. Lace and embroidery should be soft to the touch.

Shapewear is underwear that smooths your figure, sculpts the body into the desired shape or gives a better balance. Shapewear is based on the corset that was already worn in the Middle Ages, by women and men, to meet the then prevailing ideal of beauty.

Thanks to modern technologies and fabrics, the heavy corsets that blocked breathing or digestion have fortunately evolved into fashionable yet functional bras, corsets, tops and briefs that are comfortable to wear, pleasant to touch and last long.

BCF Confection has a generation-long reputation of technical knowledge and experience on complex sewing techniques. In our specialized production unit in Tunisia, we manufacture high-standard lingerie and shapewear with a high-quality finishing. We make use of almost exclusively Coats yarns from Europe's leading industrial thread company providing solutions for each possible textile application and we our advanced software allows us to design patterns in 2D and 3D.

The finest lace that stays beautiful wash after wash. Manufacturing fine lingerie requires a specific technical knowledge and high-quality raw materials and yarns.
A corset with integrated boning that feels comfortable, looks elegant and sophisticated.
A sports bra and leggings in elastic cotton with an ideal level of comfort

Choose your production process


  • Do you like to stay in control, from creative design to the choice of raw materials? Then choose the process of cut, make and trim.
  • You provide BCF with raw materials and technical documents. We cut, confect and deliver.


  • You are strong in creative design but would like to leave the further practical organization entirely to the expertise of a lingerie manufacturer? Then choose the process of ready-made garments.
  • You provide BCF with a sample of your design and we do the rest.

Limited order quantities from 20 pieces on are possible with a quick delivery time.

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