Personal care products

Manufacturing of textiles for bed and bath

Production of baby and personal care products

A summer or winter sleeping bag, the softest baby bathrobes, baby bibs and box in layers, towels and washcloths … The sensitive skin of babies and children requires the finest bed and bath fabrics that protect and care for them.

Gentle on children's skin and in compliance with legal safety requirements

Baby’s and children's skins are extra sensitive to all kinds of influences and stimuli from outside and require extra protection. Besides, the children's clothing safety requirements are one of the most strict in textile manufacturing. From the mechanical safety of zippers and cords to the fire-retardant yarns in nightwear: the confection of baby's and children's textiles requires a specialized technical knowledge.

Durable bed and bath textiles that can stand up to a little rough and tumble now and then

Baby’s and children's textiles get washed a lot. They must be colorfast and resistant to detergents. The right choice of high-quality raw materials is crucial here. Think of bamboo fibers that are naturally antibacterial, the right yarn for delicate embroidery or yarns with the right elasticity for bath towels whose hems do not curl up after five washes.

For generations, BCF Confection has the technical knowledge and experience to manufacture high-standard baby's textiles and care products with a high-quality finishing. We use almost exclusively Coats yarns from Europe's leading industrial thread company providing high-quality yarns for every application. In addition, all our raw materials are certified with the OEKO-TEX® 100 label, which guarantees that the textiles do not contain any residues of pesticides or heavy metals.

Soft baby textiles, safe for the most sensitive skin
Soft yet sturdy towels that withstand many washes
Baby and care products

Choose your production process


  • Do you like to stay in control, from creative design to the choice of raw materials? Then choose the process of cut, make and trim.
  • You provide BCF with raw materials and technical documents. We cut, confect and deliver.


  • You are strong in creative design but would like to leave the further practical organization entirely to the expertise of a textile manufacturer? Then choose the process of ready-made garments.
  • You provide BCF with a sample of your design and we do the rest.

Limited order quantities from 20 pieces on are possible with a fast delivery time.

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