Cut, Make and Trim

Cut, Make and Trim (CMT)

BCF Confection has many years of experience with textile manufacturing through commission work. With commission work (or Cut, Make and Trim, cutting, assembling and finishing) you, our customer, remain the owner of the process. You just leave the production to BCF Confection.

You draw the design, take care of the patterns and other technical documents. You purchase the desired raw materials yourself and send them to BCF by road or sea transport. We work in a customs system, so that the raw materials never enter Tunisia and always keep their European origin.

We provide the necessary machines, people and time for manufacturing your textile product.

Advantages of commission work:

  • Small orders from 20 pieces on are possible.
  • Short delivery times: 4 weeks standard, 2 weeks for urgent orders.
  • The cost for confection is calculated per production minute.
  • Seasonal planning not necessary because we can schedule your order at short notice.