Production of children's clothing

Children's clothing is not just a smaller version of adult's clothing. The body proportions of babies, toddlers and children are totally different. Children outgrow clothes almost monthly. Children’s skin is less hardened and more sensitive to all kinds of stimuli: sunlight, cold and heat, but also grass, sand and stones. Growing toddlers and infants need thorough protection and demand a lot from their clothing.

The manufacturing of children's clothing requires therefore specific techniques. Moreover, children's clothing safety requirements are rightly extremely strict: the length of cords, the sharpness of zippers, fire-retardant fabrics and yarns ... BCF Confection has a generation-long reputation of technical knowledge and experience to manufacture sustainable and long-lasting children's textiles with a high-quality finishing.

From 0 to 6 years NOOS (never out of stock)

Fashion has conquered the children's clothing market and toddlers and infants now follow the latest fashion trends together with their parents. However, there are also many items of clothing that are less fashionable and exclusively manufactured for children. Romper suits and crawlers, stockings and tights, summer shorts and jumpers are some of the items that every child needs and that are not necessarily fashionable.

BCF Confection is specialized in the NOOS collection for children from 0 to 6 years. You can order small quantities from 20 pieces on. That gives you the possibility to keep your own stock low and adapt it to your customer's needs. Thanks to our own production in Tunisia and our stock of raw materials for never out of stock items, you can count on a quick delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks.

Children's clothes
Children's clothes
Children's clothes

Choose your production process


  • Do you like to stay in control, from creative design to the choice of raw materials? Then choose the process of cut, make and trim.
  • You provide BCF with raw materials and technical documents. We cut, confect and deliver.


  • You are strong in creative design but would like to leave the further practical organization entirely to the expertise of a lingerie manufacturer? Then choose the process of ready-made garments.
  • You provide BCF with a sample of your design and we do the rest.

Limited order quantities from 20 pieces on are possible with a quick delivery time.

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